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Month: January 2017

Review: La La Land

I didn’t know what to expect from La La Land. The trailer had made it out to be cheesy, romantic and fabulous: everything a musical is supposed to be. But I’m always a little sceptical of new musicals, having grown up with the old ones, and this time was no different. The opening song, ‘Another Day of Sun’, pushed the audience right into a pool of cheese. Commuters stuck in traffic sing an upbeat, catchy tune, while dancing around and on top of their cars: in other words, the exact opposite of how I feel on a Monday morning….

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Why Are Rape Proof Pants Actually an ‘Excellent Idea’?

For a few weeks now, I’ve seen a video of some “rape-proof pants” surfacing across social media. These pants, like a lycra version of Bridget Jones’ infamous granny pants, are designed with vulnerable and frightened girls in mind and can’t be torn, pulled, cut or yanked off. They’re secured solely by a small locking button with a unique manipulation needed to open them. Essentially, they’re the Tupper Wear of pants: durable, safety-sealed and a nightmare to open when you’re drunk – and an undeniably tremendous bit of kit. But instead of the top comment being “WOW! THANKS INVENTORS! MY…

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Digital Deniers: The Holocaust in the eye of the Beholder

It is important to say that the internet is a wonderful thing that should be appreciated. As well as allowing you and your friends to be connected, it also allows for new ideas and opinions to be expressed and discussed, a bit like this article. However, with this freedom, there are people who can say offensive and mad theories. There are two things that I associate with conspiracy theories. One, the lengths that they will go to defend theories that they have often come up with themselves. This makes an argument with one as interesting as the paint drying…

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President Trump: A British-American View

Yes, it’s true, Donald Trump is in fact, President of the United States. A year ago? Seemingly impossible and comical. Present day? Real, and for better or worse, vows to be the driving force behind America’s vision for the next four years. Either way, now we’re left to anxiously observe this nomination of power for the subsequent term- and despite differing opinions, this presidency implies radical changes in the dynamic of its domestic outlook as well as its global outlook. Not to imply we’re all on our knees sucking major debt for Uncle Sam, but inherently America holds a…

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Marching and Morgan: Why Do Some Men React Badly To Feminism?

The Women’s Marches that occurred last week following Donald Trump’s inauguration gained wide spread attention across the media, including many reactions from men regarding their views towards feminism. Among these views were some well-known figures; a contentious tweet that sparked backlash from many came from Piers Morgan, of course no stranger to causing controversy. I’m planning a ‘Men’s March’ to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists. Who’s with me? — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 21, 2024 Morgan’s initial response to the Women’s Marches was one of satire, with the mocking suggestion of a…

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