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Month: August 2017

EXCLUSIVE: New Origins Menu Revealed

InQuire can exclusively reveal what the new Origins Menu will look like when it changes this September. From 16 September, Origins will be serving an American Smokehouse style menu, featuring pulled pork, beef brisket, and halloumi burgers. Ditching the very popular Tex-mex theme, this new menu will also offer a “brand new dining experience on campus – something that hasn’t been done before”. The new style will be in place ready for Freshers’ Week, and we are told that the menu will be better value for money and the prices will reflect a student budget. In response to the…

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Kent students go global with new business idea

On Thursday 17 August, Daniella Golden and Saga Rådh, two University of Kent Hub students will be travelling to the United States to compete in the Virginia tech KnowledgeWorks Global Student Entrepreneurship Challenge. The business idea they are competing with is called Todo. Todo is an online volunteering platform where, instead of donating money, young people can use their skills to fundraise for environmental charities. About the project Saga told InQuire “With Todo we see a way to tackle environmental issues and unemployment by offering skill based volunteering, which in the eyes of employers would have the same status…

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Origins Bar & Bistro plan “a new, all-singing, all-dancing menu”

In a Facebook post last week, Origins Bar & Bistro announced changes to their menu which would see the tex-mex theme replaced with “a new, all-singing, all-dancing menu”. The new menu will be launched in September, coinciding with Freshers Week, meaning you have only three weeks left to enjoy your favourite fajitas. Until then we are waiting to hear what changes are actually being made, with no updates yet on what the new menu will look like. Over a hundred students have reacted and commented to the news, with many shocked and upset about the changes. Many are asking what will happen…

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