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Month: September 2018

The Garden of England: Why Canterbury is ranked 8th Best City in UK

In YouGov’s new profile data, Canterbury was ranked the “8th best city in the UK”. Of the 55,000 residents surveyed, 79% said that they enjoyed living in the city. So why is it that everybody loves Canterbury so much? Could it be the city’s rich history? Canterbury is a charming city known for its historic interest – which attracts 7.2 million visitors annually. Tourists enjoy soaking up Canterbury’s culture by wandering the ‘toy-town’ leaning buildings and streets that give a glimpse into England’s past. The city’s most iconic sight is Canterbury Cathedral – one of the oldest structures in England, known as…

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All The Best Sports At UKC

Freshers is an amazing time is a memorable experience, but you have a lot of decisions to make. And, one of those decisions to make is ‘what should I do with my free time?’ Well, my advice would be, if you haven’t considered so already, join a Sport. I could write another entire article detailing to you the reasons why you should join a sport, why it would be so beneficial for CVs, blah blah blah. Instead, this is something different. This article will detail ALL of the sports below that are available at Kent University. Every single one….

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Archbishop of Canterbury pays visit to UN Security Council

For the first time in the history of the UN, the Archbishop of Canterbury addressed the international organisation, stressing the need for reconciliation and mediation in an “increasingly complex international system”. As current President of the UN Security Council, the UK government invited Archbishop Justin Welby to address the UN. He spoke for over 10 minutes and opened a debate that lasted nearly 7 hours on mediation and its role in conflict prevention. Aiming to put a spotlight on reconciliation, Welby stated that “For the sake of future peace, we must invest in reconciliation” and that “where there are…

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