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Month: October 2018

Review: BlacKkKlansman

Far from Crooklyn, Spike Lee emerges from the mountains of Colorado Springs with the most absurd undercover story you’ve ever heard of. “Wake up”, here comes what Lee describes as “som e fo’ real shit!” Cannes Grand Prix winning comedy, biopic and masterful political satire Blackkklansman. A massive afro fills up the screen. It is 1979 and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is now the very first black police officer of Colorado Springs and he is eager to go undercover. Originally assigned to infiltrate the Black Power Movement, he aims towards a very different task. He calls the KKK…

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Sexism in Science

At a recent workshop held by CERN, a European organization for nuclear research, senior scientist Professor Alessandro Strumia made several comments stating his belief that physics ‘was invented and built by men’. This statement was made to an audience of predominantly female physicists, who had to listen to Strumia present his outdated beliefs. Strumia based his theory around the belief that male scientists in physics were being ‘discriminated against due to ideology rather than merit’, while arguing that outside forces were unfairly presenting physics as pro-male. The comments sparked outrage and led to the immediate suspension of the scientist….

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Review: Maniac

Last Friday Netflix released a new exclusive series Maniac directed by Cory Joji Futunaga staring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in the leading roles. The dark comedy series follows the two main characters into an experimental pharmaceutical trial. Owen is the fifth son of a wealthy business owner and for years he has lived in the shadow of his brothers, feeling like a black sheep. Owen also has trouble with determining what is real and what is not. He has a chronic schizophrenia, trust issues and gets fixated on people. Annie is a drug addict trying to quit and…

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Book Review: ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ by Tomi Adeyemi

Nigerian author Tomi Adeyemi’s debut novel ‘Children of Blood and Bone’ is the first instalment to her young adult fantasy series ‘Legacies of Orisha’ set in a mythical Nigeria. In this imaginative tail of Afro-futurism the tumultuous social climate is characterised by the divide between the magi, a people of magical descent recognisable by their white hair, and the nobles. They are troubled by the myths of the foreign European nations that have been entirely destroyed by sorcery. The story is set years after the King has mysteriously cracked the enigma of how to eradicate magic at its source….

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What is BUCs?

With the beginning of the University Sporting League BUCS today, it is apparent that a lot of students are still unaware of what BUCs is. This article, written by our previous Sports editor Caitlin, will help to promote awareness of what BUCS is. The British Universities and College Sports (BUCS) is a national governing body that faces over 170 universities across the country against each other in leagues and cups in 47 different inter-university sports. The sports season runs throughout the university year and as well as these competitive leagues and knockout cups, BUCS runs national competitions at the…

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