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Author: Max Beckett


Disappointing performance from UKC Men’s Football 3s leads to clear loss

Although Kent FC had some promising moments, the CCCU Men’s Football 3s were clear winners today. Max Beckett reports. Right from kick-off, it was quite apparent that CCCU meant business. Within fifteen seconds, they had already created the first chance of the game by testing the UKC defence with a promising move through the centre of the pitch. They were first to every ball, winners of every header and faster to every position. UKC definitely had to up their game. Both sides seemed to lack in terms of finishing quality, with many efforts going high, wide or both,…

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The Greatest Kanye West Article Of All Time 

The Greatest Kanye West Article Of All Time

Recently Kanye decided to go on American Idol as a contestant, it comes from a long line of outlandish actions that Zaib Nasir thinks we need to discuss… Okay. I’m a Kanye fan. A Yeezy freak. A West wackadoodle, but sometimes it becomes pretty hard to defend his actions. In fact, exclusively, his actions are indefensible. Pseudo-scholar, self-acclaimed prophet, alleged fashionista and a caricature of the celebrity ego, Mr Kanye West is a ‘character’ to say the least. Nevertheless, his comical causes have stacked up over the years to form quite a list… There’s no better place to start…

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What are you listening to right now? – Sam Ogunnowo

Sam Ogunnowo tells us of 20 songs he is listening to right now, and suggests you do the same. Arctic Monkeys – From Ritz to Rubble – To kick off the playlist it is the classic Arctic Monkeys. Alex Turner sings about an experience that most of us have had; dodgy bouncers, and that Saturday night feeling mixed with those Sunday hangovers, but whatever happened you get a story to tell. Bombay Bicycle Club – What If – Continuing with the theme of universal experiences. A song that tells you to make the most of your night out….

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The 1975 – What the hell have they been doing?!

‘Love Me’ is the first bit of material successful pop-rock band The 1975 have released since their major brand revamp, a process seen first-hand by many of their fans over social media. Peter Biskup reviews their new single, and comments on their recent shenanigans. The 1975 built up a lot of hype with their 2013 self-titled debut album, a release which gave us the hit singles “Chocolate”, “Girls” and “Sex.” These singles really showcased the band’s ability to craft catchy pop songs, which makes it understandable why they became such a phenomenon. However, while some hype around a…

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House Hacks: A few house decorating tricks

Walking into a new and empty house and having to call it ‘home’ can be an extremely daunting experience. Entering ‘your’ bedroom for the next year or two and facing four bare walls and the rumbling arrival of homesickness isn’t the ideal start to your year. Here Amber Murphy shares a few tips on how you can easily decorate your living space, which will banish the homesickness from kicking in now, a month into the term, and make an empty house a cosy and comforting home. Photos: When moving into a new house the landlord is bound to…

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