Why Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star


Why Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star

Lucia Ennis reports on the ever increasing popularity of radio and how it has kept up with the competition for almost 100 years.
91% of the UK population tune into a radio station … Continue Reading →

little machine

A Little Unexpected: Little Machine Perform at Canterbury Festival

Georgia Hingston reviews the musical experience that is Little Machine a band that takes more than a little of their inspiration from poetry.
It was with an air of curiosity and, I … Continue Reading →

Katy Perry early

Katy Perry: Is She Changing Her Tune?

As Katy Perry announces a possible change to folk, Laura Kenelly considers the difficulties which artists face when dramatically changing their direction in music.
Katy … Continue Reading →


Listener: Is Spoken Word ‘Talk Music’ the Next Big Thing?

The modern music industry is in a state of multiplicity. The contemporary age we live in has supplied budding musicians with the ability to pursue a diverse spread of genres and the … Continue Reading →


Hallo David Bowie – Glam Rock Icon and Innovator

David Robert Jones – singer, songwriter, record-producer, actor, and leader of a cultural revolution. To the majority, however, he is known most commonly by his stage name David … Continue Reading →


Beyoncé: The Modern Female Figure of Empowerment

On a wet Sunday night in February I sat down with some friends at their apartment on campus in Buffalo, New York to take in a truly American spectacle: the Superbowl. As expected, … Continue Reading →


University Chorus and Symphony Orchestra in the Cathedral

In his book, How Music Works, David Byrne writes about the influence that spaces have on music. Musicians, he says, create “work that fits the venue available to us”, citing music … Continue Reading →


Radio 4′s The Listening Project: The Stories of Our Nation

Radio 4’s series The Listening Project, inspired by a similar endeavour in America called Story Corps, truly does what it says on the tin, “capturing the nation in conversation … Continue Reading →

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