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Review of a Year Abroad in… Switzerland

Ever realised, while hanging around campus, that you seem to be hearing every other language under the sun but English? Ever felt like you’re the foreigner at home? Last year … Continue Reading →

18-30′s Holidays: The Advice

Be it the legendary island of Ibiza or the sunny beaches of Malia, it is estimated that over eighty thousand young people will be flying out this season to drink, dance and repeat. … Continue Reading →

18-30′s Holidays: The Guide

The general consensus of the student population remains a positive view of destinations such as Magaluf, Aiya Napa and their other European counterparts. The dangers that come with … Continue Reading →

Review of a Year Abroad… in Istanbul

Returning from the colourful and animated city of Istanbul to the wet , grey skies of Canterbury has not been easy. This time last year I arrived into an urban jungle lit up by a cloudless, … Continue Reading →
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Review of a Year Abroad … in Santa Barbara, California

My degree at Kent was in English and American literature and because of the American lit I had the opportunity to study in the states. I studied at the University of California Santa … Continue Reading →

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