Chair Person

Volunteer Role: Chair Person

You MUST be a paid up member of InQuire to run for this position


To represent InQuire Media on campus and within the local community and support the team with the strategic aims and objectives of the paper and online publications.

In this role you will:

  • Chair committee meetings and weekly member’s meetings

  • Support the committee with their own responsibilities

  • Promote events and socials for InQuire Media

  • Work on the annual budget with the committee and Student Media Manager

To help you in your role, InQuire will provide the following training and support:

  • InQuire committee induction

  • InDesign training

  • Handover and shadowing from the outgoing Chair Person

  • Support from the Student Media Manager

What will I get out of this role?

  • Meeting new people and networking with industry/ Union professionals

  • Enhance CV and gaining valuable skillset

  • Improve training, communication and motivational skills

  • Experience of working within a team

  • Learning valuable journalism skills such as InDesign, interviewing, proofing, editing and writing quickly to deadlines

  • A nationally recognised qualification in Volunteer Management

Skills Required:

  • To have a clear vision about how to move the group forward and keep improving.

  • To have excellent time management as it is a time consuming role.

  • Ability to communicate well both in written and verbal form. In many cases to large groups of people.

  • Good people skills and an ability to take in the perspective of others.

  • Enthusiasm!

Estimated hours and commitment: 15 hours per paper

If you would like more information about this role please contact:

Rex (InQuire Chair Person) – OR –

Mel Lewis (Student Media Manager) / 01227 823005

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