Fox Hunting – still backing the ban.

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Fox Hunting – still backing the ban.

With supporters of fox hunting currently pushing parliament for a vote on the removal of the ban on hunting with dogs, originally passed in 2005, the issues of countryside tradition vs. animal cruelty have once again arisen as opposing stances for and against fox hunting.
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Is the quality of television deteriorating?

Television has become a staple of British society, with many eras and phases of British culture being captured within the small screen. It has tackled every aspect of British culture, from racism and gender inequality to fashion and food. However, has the recent mainstreaming of television resulted in it becoming less original? Are channels now trying to appeal to the masses, giving people what they want to see, commercialising television so that it appeals to everyone and repeating common factors rather than experimenting with new ideas and rare genres?
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Does America need to change it’s approach to ‘gun control?’

When I watched President Obama deliver his reaction to last Friday’s shootings in Newtown, I felt that something was severely wrong. The President choked up and shed tears; the mainstream, international media presented a lot of coverage, and tried to portray a nation weeping.
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Lost and Found in Parkwood: A term abroad at UKC

Only three months ago I was packing my suitcase to take on a new adventure. To study abroad in England for a semester. Thrilled that I had been accepted at Kent, I was also a bit nervous about moving across the channel. The English, I was told, have a pub on every corner and everyone uses the words “please” and “cheers” in every other sentence. What is not to like?
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Gender reassignment services are failing patients.

The NHS has a duty of care under the constitution of its establishment and for transgender or trans people it is failing in that. Gender Identity Clinics (GIC) are viewed by some as being bureaucratic, authoritarian and paternalistic in their treatment of trans people. It can take up to a year to be seen by a specifically trained counsellor for people who are in dire need of an intervention and support.
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I’m paying £9,000 for this – is it worth it?

All of us students beginning university in 2012 and thereafter will forever be remembered as the unlucky ones.
Last year, I was among those outraged in hearing the tuition fees were going to be raised to up to £9,000 a year. It was not too long ago that education was completely free, and now we are being asked to cough out £9,000 a year for a degree which, considering the current employment rate in the Britain, may not even land us a job at the end of it all. So I ask, is it really worth attending university?
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