What if they implemented a ‘Dislike’ button?

What if they implemented a ‘Dislike’ button?


Annoying status? Dislike! Stupid photos? Dislike! Someone spamming? Dislike! Ahhh bliss. A rumour of a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook has been going round for years. What if they actually implemented it?


Some posts on Facebook seriously just make me think “what the hell”. You get the diet and exercise boasters, the meal picture sharers, the new parents and the newsfeed event spammers.

Think of it, you see a post by one of the types of people I mentioned above and you can dislike it, and they get a notification about it. Maybe it will stop them posting their life story on the site. You see a particularly offensive post, and you can let that person know you don’t approve. I do not doubt that many Facebook users would love to have access to a dislike button.

However when you actually think about it would you really like someone disliking your own posts or anything you post?

I do think that in a lot of cases a dislike would just be for banter and not aimed in a serious way. However I do not think the status posters would view it in such a manner as you can’t tell someone’s feelings over social media, and I know that I would not take all my statues been disliked particularly well. Imagine if you posted a picture of your children and people disliked it, I doubt that would be a very good feeling!

In all seriousness though, I do feel that adding a dislike button to Facebook would just encourage an extra layer to cyber bullying. Someone may find themselves being targeted by a group of people that go out of their way to dislike their posts and pictures just because they don’t like them in the real world. In my view it would make having an account on Facebook rather unpleasant.

Let’s not forget the infamous ‘Internet Trolls’; a dislike button would a heaven for trolls on Facebook. I can guarantee you would end up with “that guy” that just dislikes everything he sees. Similar to those people who just like everything, you would get people that disliked everything. In my view this would actually be more annoying than some of the people I mentioned before. Maybe if the button did exist I would have to add “dislike spammer” to my list above!

The rumours for a dislike button have been going on for a long time now and it is clear they have no intention of doing it. Which in my view is the right choice, Facebook should not add a dislike button and fortunately it is doubtful they ever will. Which, due to the things I post is good news for me!

I’d love to know what your opinions are so comment below!


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  1. Coral

    Nov 08. 2014

    I think that it’s the right decision not to implement a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook, if people are given the opportunity to show their dislike it would most certainly lead to further arguments/bullying online. I also doubt it would have much use, in the beginning it would probably be overused but after the ‘new toy’ feeling has worn off, it would be just another new thing cluttering the newsfeed up. Why over complicate something that works as it is?

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