The sunshine might be sparing, but spring has to be around the corner! For any bookworms, this signals sitting outside in the sun with your current read in hand. Yet even if the weather is unforgiving, there are still plenty of places in Canterbury to cosy up and escape into a good book.

  1. A pub garden: The Dolphin

Canterbury town is full of pubs, old and new. This city is full of antiquated charm, and the pubs are no exception. The Dolphin has a beer garden that’s ideal for a sunny afternoon drink and read.

  1. Caffè Nero (City Centre)

If you’re a coffee fanatic like me, you’ll know how perfect a good book is with a cappuccino alongside it. I’ve chosen Nero specifically for its upstairs area and super comfortable seating. If you like a bit of background bustle, this spot is perfect and a favourite for studying as well as reading. The squishy armchairs and sofas are much recommended – you won’t want to get up for a while!

  1. Dane John Gardens

Number three is definitely a destination for warm weather. The Dane John Gardens is a lovely park area secluded by the old city wall, and tends to be a hubbub of activity during the brighter season. A warm weekday afternoon, a blanket and a good novel would make this a perfect reading spot! There are plenty of grassy areas to choose from if you want seclusion or shade.

  1. Origins Bar and Bistro

No, I’m not talking Ruby Tuesdays… Origins in Darwin College is very quiet during the daytime. If you have some time to kill on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon, you can settle in here with a book whilst listening to local pianist, Luke Smith, play some fun tunes. Another bonus is that on a bright day Origins gets a lot of sunshine. If you’re looking for a pleasant spot on campus where you can read indoors, an afternoon at Origins is a great choice.

  1. Keynes Duck Pond

My top pick is right on campus! Dolche Vita, the restaurant located in Keynes College, serves the best food on campus. It backs out onto Keynes duck pond, a pretty little area full of wooden benches and tables. I visit Dolche Vita at least twice a week (the coffee is cheap and the sandwiches are yummy) and it’s surprisingly quiet before the peak hours between 12pm and 2pm. Reading by the pond is peaceful and scenic and any caffeine or snack urges can be fulfilled easily. This spot is especially ideal if you want to relax for an hour or so between lectures by escaping into a good book; it’s much calmer compared to other central locations like the Templeman Library cafe.