To celebrate Valentine’s weekend Amber Murphy picks the 4 ultimate couples that have graced the pages of our favourite comics.

Within the realm of comic books, many universes exist and in them many romances flourish, from DC to Marvel comics they include more than just heroes and villains. From Green Arrow and Black Canary to Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, love and lust is all around, however, when we think of superheroes the three that come to mind are Superman, Spiderman and Batman. The quintessential idols of the comic book worlds whose stories inevitably come with romance and heartbreak.

Photo: Cover for Justice League

In regards to Superman most people automatically think of the archetypal DC pairing with Lois Lane, however, she isn’t the only romance for Clark Kent. DC also pairs the Man of Steel with the Amazonian princess that is Wonder Woman, creating the ultimate power couple, however, who do we prefer? Lois Lane may only be human but she’s not useless, he may save her physically but she saves him emotionally and therefore they depict a real relationship with mutual benefit. Lois and Clark also have longevity on their side being linked since the 1930’s, however, Superman and Wonder Woman have been flirtatious since the 80’s. The everyday original Lois Lane may be gutsy, but for me the strong, independent warrior that is Wonder Woman is Superman’s best match.

Spiderman and Gwen Stacy

When thinking of Spider-Man’s greatest love it’s quick to jump straight to Mary Jane and disregard his former lover Gwen Stacy. Gwen brought life to Spider-Man’s melancholy existence, bringing him out of his shell by falling for the everyday Peter Parker, however, her early demise and Spider-Man’s inability to save her from the original Green Goblin’s drop, abrubtly ends their relationship and leaves us wondering what would have become of the young romance. The death of Gwen allowed Mary Jane and Spider-Man’s bond to cement and even lead to marriage. Although Mary Jane has more time with Spider-Man their love does end in divorce. For me the loveable and cheerful Gwen Stacy that awakens Peter Parker’s heart will always be Spider-Man’s best match.

Batman and Catwoman

With Batman things get a bit more complicated. His two main loves Talia al Ghul and Catwoman aren’t typical romantic relationships. Catwoman desperately tries to pull the justice obsessed vigilante towards her wilder questionable way of implementing justice. Although they never “officially” together the sexual tension is evident to readers. Bruce Wayne often breaks the rules to keep her safe – she becomes his kryptonite as his enemies know jeopardising her life will strike at Batman’s heart. Talia al Ghul and Batman’s relationship is equally as torn, although, it did result in a son Damien who went on to be the next Robin fighting alongside his father. It’s safe to say Batman likes a bad girl, however, the relationship between himself and Catwoman wins for me being the penultimate will-they-won’t-they read.

The Joker and Harley Quinn

But, we can’t exclude the greatest villain couple: the Joker and Harley Quinn. A completely abusive and evil romance but by far they have to be the greatest evil couple in comics. The insane clown, prince of crime, found his soul mate in equally deranged Harley Quinn. They’re the ultimate psychotic and malicious couple in the comic book universe that teaches us there is someone for everyone.