Any Dream Will Do At The Marlowe

Any Dream Will Do At The Marlowe

Whilst any dream will do for Joseph, certainly not any show will do after watching Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Marlowe Theatre this week.

Starring ‘H’ from Steps as Joseph, the famous bible story turned musical delighted audiences with its colour and music throughout its run this week.

For those that do not know the story, it features Joseph’s ability to interpret and have vivid dreams, to the annoyance of his brothers. This annoyance is heightened further when Joseph is presented with his multi-coloured Dreamcoat from his father, who shows clear favouritism to his gifted son.

The brothers plot to remove Joseph from the family, and have him sold as a slave, where he is kept in confinement until coming to the aide of the Pharaoh, suffering strange dreams himself.

Desperate for better luck, the brothers head back to where Joseph was sold in an attempt to reunite with him, and when he is reunited with them he shows no anger nor holds a grudge but instead embraces them as his family.

The story was kept together remarkably well by the narrator, played by Jennifer Potts, who was ever constant on stage. Magnificent set and colours created a magical and mystical illusion to the performance, which helped make it the family show it was meant to be, keeping both adults and children occupied throughout.

A superb performance from the ensemble cast ensured that the dance and song numbers never became tiresome, and produced a spectacular performance.


LaShanda’s Rating: ****


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