How Michael Morpurgo inspired me…


As beloved children’s author, Micheal Morpurgo, turns 71 – Rosie Toy looks back at how his imaginative writing inspired her growing up.

When I look back at who and what has inspired me to love the things that I love now: writing, history and literature, the main person who sticks in my mind is Michael Morpurgo. At nine years old I was given my first Michael Morpurgo book for Christmas, The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips. I had always loved reading, but this was probably the first book that I just couldn’t put down. I was hooked on it. From then on, every birthday, Christmas and visit to WH Smiths during my childhood usually resulted in me begging my parents if I could “pretty pretty please have another Michael Morpurgo book?” My absolute favourites, including Adolphus Tips (of course), were Waiting for Anya, Private Peaceful, Mr Nobody’s Eyes and Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea, all of which are historical novels.

Adolphus Tips

Looking back, I’ve realised how much Morpurgo’s books have affected me. Before reading these books I didn’t have any interest in history what so ever, but after I’d read them I realised that history was more than just facts and figures, and I began to love hearing about how events had affected individuals. Not only that, but my love of reading his books led me to want to write stories of my own. Now I have ended up studying history at university (which I’m sure my eight year old self would be disgusted at) and I have a laptop with half of its memory space filled with stories and ideas for stories.

So happy birthday Michael Morpurgo! Thank you for the hours and hours I’ve spent enjoying your books, and for everything they have taught me. I can guarantee my future children will be forced to read them one day.


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