Photo: Jess Duncan

Knowing what to wear to uni can be a struggle, especially with campus feeling like it has it’s own climate. But luckily help is at hand with this simple guide, aiding you in your wardrobe transition from summer to winter and uniformity to fashion freedom…


Layer up

It’s probably going to be cold on campus – being atop a hill it’s always windy – but when walking onto campus or running late to lectures, you’re going to need to have plenty of layers you can remove to cool down. A simple, yet effective, look is the shirt and pullover which is perfect for those chilly autumnal days.

Photo: Jess Duncan

Wear a coat

Thick, thin, denim, or leather – this is an essential. If you don’t want to cover up the outfit you spent all morning choosing, the see through mac will be perfect for keeping you dry while showing off your style.

Photo: Jess Duncan

Use a backpack

Whatever your subject, every module seems to have a heavy text book that’s awkward to carry. So when you’re living off campus, a sturdy backpack is a necessity. Timeless yet chic, black backpacks go with every outfit.

Photo: Jess Duncan

Find a good pair of boots

​This season, boots will be your best friends. Working with any outfit and being super comfy to wear, they’ll be popular on campus. With many options, choosing a style that you prefer can be a hard choice, but Chelsea boots, knee high and Timberland style boots are classics.

Photo: Jess Duncan


​Statement jewellery is great for distracting from red cheeks after walking up to campus. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings or bracelet, it’s time to go big or go home. As a key outfit piece, it’s a good idea to choose a neutral colour, such as gold or pastel shades. Similarly, hats (when it’s not too windy) can complete an outfit. In this case, maroon or black are current popular colours, complimenting your autumn wardrobe.

Photo: Jess Duncan


Bother with heels

Your feet will hurt rushing between lectures and seminars, making for a grumpy student.

Wear your onesie

Fine for at home, but unless you want your picture to appear on the Facebook ‘spotted’ page, it’s best to not wear it on campus.

Wear your PJs

Similar to the onesie, and there’s a reason we wear them to bed – they’re easy to sleep in! Something you don’t want to happen whilst in that important lecture!


It’s only lectures, so why wear that new dress which would look great in #Trend?

Crocs:​ EVER.