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Photo: Daniella Verektenidi

For some reason, it’s a common misconception that you can’t dress well on a student budget. I’m always surprised by this because I think the idea that ‘money can’t buy style’ is a better representation of how fashion should be. So, how can you be the fashionista of campus on a budget? Well, if you stick to the following three tips, you’ll manage to look fabulous and still have money left over for food, accommodation and of course those all exciting Vensdays…

1. Pick your basics wisely


Photo: Daniella Verektenidi

A lot of students seem to neglect the importance of basics by opting to buy them either from places such as Primark or the pricier high street shops like Topshop or River Island. I recommend neither; buying your basics (such as T Shirts, jumpers etc) from Primark will actually be more expensive in the long run because their poor quality means you’ll have to replace them frequently. Similarly, retailers such as Topshop cater to the growing appetite for ‘fast-fashion’ and tend to be overpriced for their quality. I personally think that Uniqlo and American Apparel are the best on the high street because they are ethical and really do last (Uniqlo in particular is really affordable). If your basics are well made, you know you have clothes to throw on for those nine am lectures that will make you look effortlessly good. Even though there aren’t any stores in Canterbury you can get them online easily.

2. Buy your party wear from cheaper places


Photo: Daniella Verektenidi

I can’t stress this enough; there is no point splurging on a decadent dress that you’re only going to wear once when you’re a student. Buy simpler, cheaper clothes for going out (try online sites such as and – not everything they make is great but if you really look you can find amazing pieces at fantastic prices) and style it with accessories. It makes so much more sense to invest in versatile shoes, bags and jewellery because you’ll get so much more wear out of them than you would a single piece of clothing, saving you money overall. I’d also really recommend the ‘Funky Monks’ shop in Canterbury for men. They have absolutely amazing vintage shirts and are really reasonably priced!


3. Decide on your staple piece

clothes rack

Photo: Daniella Verektenidi

Ranging from scarves to statement rings, everyone should have a signature item of clothing or accessory that completes their outfit and represents their style. My advice would be to stick to one and invest in it. This will ensure that you can always make an otherwise plain outfit more ‘you’, and will also save you money from buying ‘wear-once’ pieces that will take their toll on your student loan.