Photo: Vanessa Blair Tumblr

After (most likely) spending your weeks spread out across the sofa in your pjs, the thought of having to attend seminars and lectures seems like the gut wrenching climax of a teen horror film. So, if your Netflix addiction or winter hibernation has become the epitome of your life, and you’re struggling to put an outfit together or even go clothes shopping altogether, here’s our (slightly) practical guide to the trends you should be working on campus this term…


A classic autumn/winter trend that you’re definitely going to need to feature in your second term looks. With blistering winds and torrential rain on campus, you’ll be wanting to snuggle up in more than just a T-shirt, jumper and coat… if only wearing your bed sheets outside was fashionably acceptable. Sigh. But until that day, layering your basics with your statement pieces is a great, warm and practical option. Colour block, mix prints or fuse textures – there’s no limits to what you can do with your existing pieces in your wardrobe and your recent sale buys.

Mega Platforms

This spring/summer platforms are bigger than ever (and we’re not just talking about the heel height). This season expect the majority of stores in Whitefriars to have a vast collection of towering platforms just waiting to be worn on a night out at Venue. Match them with a sleek off the shoulder dress, that’s also on trend this season, and you’ll (literally) be at the height of fashion on a night out in Canterbury.

New Look £24.99


Seventies Revival

The seventies was definitely a decade to remember, especially for its fashion. So, as designers take inspiration from possibly the funkiest and loudest decade of them all, prepare to have those grey days transformed into vivid pops of colour, with the return of the iconic hipster ‘flower power’ prints. If you really want to add an authentic feel to this look, we suggest heading to Funky Monks in Canterbury, where they stock original clothing from past decades (including the 70s). Peace out.

Aquatic Inspirations

Campus may be less than 30 minutes away from Whitstable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach back with you. Seascapes and underwater scenes are the next big prints this season, so get familiar with your aquatics and start fishing for some statement pieces online. One aquatic look that made a huge splash at fashion week was Valentino’s sheer maxi dress with mermaids inked on the bottom. It not only left audiences speechless, but also left them swooning, making it one of the ‘it’ items of the season.

Valentino SS15

Mirrored Shades

Although it might not be sunny every day this term, mirrored shades are the ultimate investment for this spring/summer. With essay deadlines coming thick and fast, you’ll want to spend your evenings de-stressing at Alberrys, Cuban and let’s not forget those legendary nights at Venue. Mirrored shades are the perfect finishing touch to your look and the ultimate hangover camouflage. No one will be able to see those massive bags under your eyes from last night, looking trendy will be an added bonus to hiding your undeniable struggles to saying no to a night out.