Marvel Vs DC Comics: Which is better?

Photo: Benny Fuentes

Photo: Benny Fuentes

As part of Student Media’s Operation Heroes: The Winter Fundraiser, Fraser Whieldon Newspaper Sports Editor, discusses the ultimate superhero battle between Marvel and DC Comics…

Like Star Wars vs Star Trek and Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings, the arguments between the fans of Marvel and the fans of DC span many classrooms, offices, convention halls and Reddit threads. The two titans of comics have been brawling for years: in the newsagents, in the specialist stores, on television screens and on the big screen.

Could Batman beat Captain America in a one-on-one fight? Could Iron Man withstand the intensity of Superman’s heat rays?

Overall, each company has stuff to be proud of and stuff to reconsider, whether that be their roster of characters or the films that have been based on their legacies. Which is better overall, is a tough question.

At the moment, Marvel seem to be having the best luck with films with The Avengers becoming one of the most successful films of all time. So why wouldn’t Marvel want to ride this wave of success for all its worth? With great actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Rudd set to star in upcoming movies, it looks to be a rosy future for Marvel.

However DC still hold the comic book trump card, the adaptation Death Star and ironically, the Joker in the deck.

From Tim Burton to Christopher Nolan, from the 1960s to the present day: Batman has brought out great film after great film. Although DC’s other film adaptations have been terrible (such as The Green Lantern, Superman Returns and Joel Schumacher’s Batman), Batman always brings home the bacon with a Batman vs. Superman film sure to be the talk of the globe for the next few years.

But a comic book company cannot rely on one franchise alone. DC needs to seriously re-evaluate it’s back catalogue. Superheroes like Aquaman and Wonder Woman look completely out of touch with the modern, post-feminist, post-Cold War world. Even the most famous and recognisable superhero of all time, Superman, could be holding DC back. With his indestructible nature and belief in all things US of A, Superman is increasingly an alien to real people as well as an alien to the people of Metropolis.

However, with TV shows like The Flash and Arrow scoring acclaim and high audience ratings, DC’s fortunes could soon be on the up.

Until then however, Marvel looks to be having the most fun, which is why in the fight between Marvel and DC, I would say Marvel have the upper hand.

At the minute.


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