Prepare to be dazzled this week at the Marlowe Theatre thanks to the phenomenal production of Beauty and the Beast on Ice, by the Russian Ice Stars.

Whilst you would be forgiven for thinking this would be a Disney show, the magic of the story is not lost through the incredible acrobatic feats of the entire cast.

It was a simply stunning production of the classic fairy tale, with breathtaking aerial displays as well as perfect choreography, leaving the audience more than satisfied with the end result.

If you don’t know the story, the plot centers around Belle, the beauty of her village, and a cursed Prince who is trapped inside the body of a Beast, shielding himself from the cruel outside world in his castle.

What follows is a whirlwind tale of love, tragedy, drama and magic all combined to form this masterpiece of a show.

The casts skating ability must be praised, with intricate dance moves executed to perfection upon the unforgiving terrain, adding an extra sense of wonder to this already magical story. Spearheaded by Valdis Mintals, who plays the Beast, the gentle and graceful nature of the Prince is for all to see through the majestic choreography.

Despite the phenomenal set design, jaw-dropping acrobatics, and aesthetically pleasing costume, the true beauty in this piece lies in the intricate nature of the storytelling through the movement on the ice.

It cannot be stressed how remarkable some the feats are achieved by this cast, and it would be simply unforgiveable not to go and see this sensational show.

Dan’s Rating *****