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Sensational Season for Kent Dance

Issey Spurway

Issey is a writer for InQuire and enjoys writing for the Culture and Sport sections. She has been a member of Kent Dance and is part of the competitive teams.

Competition season is an exciting time for any sport society on campus; a chance to showcase their hard work and dedication, representing Kent with pride. It is also a chance to see what other universities have to offer. Kent Dance is one of these teams, putting hours and hours of practice into each of their dance routines before performing them against other university squads.

Dance may not be classified as a sport, but it is a perfect example of talent, team work, and commitment; dancers work just as hard as any sport team on campus. This competition season has been one of Kent Dance’s best; first beating Canterbury Christ Church in a tough Varsity battle, then going on to place at three other dance competitions across the country: Bucks, Sussex and Loughborough.

Kent has held their own against universities that offer degrees in dance, proving that hard work and perseverance really does pay off. In total, Kent Dance has won 17 trophies this competition season, including a first-place win for Ballet and receiving the ‘Best Girl’ award at Loughborough, the country’s biggest university dance competition.

These competitions have been extremely rewarding, allowing students to participate in something alongside their degree, the opportunity to travel to other universities, and make new friends.

The annual show rounded up Kent Dance’s sensational spring term. At the Lanfranc Theatre at Canterbury College on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March, all ten competitive dance squads performed for the last time alongside some new and exciting show dances, a perfect way to celebrate the years success.’

Each member of Kent Dance has done the university proud and the choreographers of each competition routine have showed that their talent and imagination is first-class.

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