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The 10 must-read books of 2015

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With debut novels predicted to be best-sellers, and the return of novelists who haven’t published for over a decade – 2015 appears to be a good year for books. From veteran authors such as Toni Morrison, whose book ‘Beloved’ is widely regarded as one of the best books of its time, to Boyle’s controversial novel about the seedy underbelly of American life, which is glossed over by many other authors. Upon delving into the soon-to-be published, here are the top 10 books coming out this year…

A Spool Of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

Tyler is a previous Pulitzer prize winner with such critics touting her latest novel as one to watch out for. Set in Baltimore, Tyler portrays the tensions and exasperations within family life, taking three generations of a family on a trip down memory lane. Readers will both enjoy and relate to the themes of Tyler’s latest work, as it highlights family tensions that we all have and struggle with.

Coming out: February 2015


The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

This is Ishiguro’s first book in 10 years, and has been widely awaited for by critics and readers alike, his books are usually a huge commercial success and earned him critical acclaim. This author has won the Man Booker Prize, which only adds to the anticipation of this novel. Very little has been released about this particular book, but it is set in Britain during the Dark Ages. Ishiguro’s novel is one steeped in mythology and fantasy, featuring ogres, giants and dragons. The story is one that follows life after the myths of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are fast fading from memory, delving into the world where Britons and Saxons have an uneasy co-existence. Plus he’s a Kent Alumni, so that should make it good by default!

Coming out: March 2015


The Harder They Come by T.C. Boyle

Boyle’s latest novel is bound to court controversy. It dips into the seedy underbelly of gritty American life, showcasing the nature of gun violence, and grapples with the idea of how far parents are responsible for the actions of their child. Boyle juxtaposes the difference in generations, from the father of a family who is deemed a hero to his son who resents the law. This is a tale of cross-generational differences, and Boyle shows the world a different side of America, the one with grit.

Coming out: March 2015

Blood On Snow by Jo Nesbo

Nesbo, the best-selling, BAFTA-nominated writer of ‘Headhunters’ finds a dark place in all of us in her new book. She writes of an assassin’s temptation for his boss’ wife, to make things worse he has been hired to kill her. The hit-man now has a problem, well, two big problems. This is a story of drugs, murder and revenge.

Coming out: April 2015

Tender by Belinda McKeon

In her second novel, McKeon’s story is set in ‘changed’ Ireland in the late 1990s. It is the story of two friends who meet growing up: as one develops and flourishes; the other finds themselves in a prison of fear and repression. McKeon explores the complexities of relationships: love, friendship, sexuality, and the lies we tell ourselves and the ones we are told to tell. It is a journey to self-realisation.

Coming out: April 2015


Mislaid by Nell Zink

Zink’s story is one of mismatched nature; it combines the ill-fated affair between a college student and her professor, which ultimately leads to a pregnancy and a marriage, however the real problem is – she’s a lesbian and he’s gay. A decade later, and Peggy runs away from the professor with their daughter, leaving behind a son. The story is the tale of lies, truth and eventually reunion. This story is one that has a comedic finish worthy of Shakespeare.

Coming out: May 2015

The Discreet Hero by Mario Vargas Llosa

Set in Latin America, Llosa’s most recent publication is the story of two businessmen, who both struggle with the changes in their lives. One finds himself blackmailed as his mistress is kidnapped, the other finds that his old friend and boss is marrying his housekeeper, a highly unsuitable match. The story is one that has many twists and turns; focusing on love and betrayal, media fantasies and the youth’s problems in seeing the difference between desire and reality. This is a story of commercialism, romance and the realities of life in South America, highlighting the unlikeliness of how and who becomes a hero.

Coming out: April 2015

God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

Morrison’s novels are known to be some of the best modern day, from ‘Beloved’ to ‘Jazz’. Morrison’s latest endeavour is the first set in the present day, and tells the story of how deeds from our childhood, any experiences we had, can shape the adult that we become. At the heart of the story is Bride, a beautiful, blue-black skinned girl whose mother, a fair woman treats her badly because of her skin colour, Morrison shows the reader just how much our childhood can impact on one’s future. It is a book of realisation and self-realisation for both the characters and even the reader, who may draw parallels to their own lives and their childhood.

Coming out: April 2015

The Faithful Couple by A.D. Miller

Miller’s latest book has been described as the male friendship version of David Nicholl’s ‘One Day’; this book follows the platonic relationship of two male friends. The narrative tells of an intense relationship between the two men from the moment they meet in a hotel in San Diego. It is a story of two men over two decades; it is a story of secrets, regrets and betrayal. ‘The Faithful Couple’ is a tale of life, told through an enduring friendship, the audience sees wives and girlfriends, children and bereavements throughout the late 20th and early 21st century. It looks to be a gripping read.

Coming out: March 2015

A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson

A companion piece to Atkinson’s critically acclaimed ‘Life after Life’; her newest book ‘A God in Ruins’ tells the story of Ursula’s (the main character of ‘Life after Life’) younger brother, Teddy. The tale is one of an RAF pilot; husband and father, who struggles to cope with the future he never expected to be able to live. Critics and readers are eagerly anticipating more insightful and creative story-telling from Atkinson; it is bound to be a page-turner.

Coming out: May 2015


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