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The top six cultural events you should be attending at the Canterbury Festival 2015

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With the Canterbury Festival kicking off later this week, Georgia Henry picks out the festival’s top cultural events that we really shouldn’t miss over the next fortnight.

The Canterbury Festival is Kents International Arts Festival. It attracts 60,000 people from all over the UK to the historical and cultural centre of Canterbury city, and runs from 17 – 31 October. There is something for everyone, featuring performances, art exhibitions, talks and walks along with much more. Dont worry students, most of the events arent too pricey and there are plenty of free exhibitions, talks and plays. The festival brings Canterbury to life, and provides you with the opportunity to explore undiscovered venues and quirky corners of the city. Here are the six cultural events that I really think you should be attending during the Canterbury Festival 2015.


1) Opening Day Celebrations

17 October at 12pm


Free event

The streets of the city will be filled with colourful performers and music that will set the scene for the festival. There will be plenty going on so make sure you go down and get involved.


2) Second Best Bed (Performance)

17 October at 7:30pm

St Marys Hall Studio Theatre

Tickets: £15

When Shakespeare died, he left his wife Anne the second best bed. This one woman play starring Liz Strand follows Anne Hathaway on the day of Shakespeares funeral, as she looks back on her life with the playwright.


3) Pheonix Dance Theatre

20 – 21 October at 7:30pm

The Marlowe Theatre

Tickets: £11- £23

The Leeds-based theatre group will be in Canterbury to perform two world premieres. The first is Tearfall, choreographed by Sharon Watson. This piece explores the biochemical composition of tears, and how their appearance and effect depends on a persons emotional state. Phoenix Dance Theatre works with science and the personal experiences of the dancers to create a brand new exciting production, physicalizing the science behind tears and emotion.

Their second premiere, Bloom, is lead by the award winning choreographer Caroline Finn. It employs dark comedy to explore the idea of facades and how people use them to conform to societal expectations. Finns aim is to create a surreal universe filled with characters that each have a short story to unfold.

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury – Jacqueline Poggi via Flickr

4) Intoxication

Runs for the entire festival

La Trappiste

Free Event

Irina McGaham and Angela Malone have created an art exhibition that glorifies the female form through murals and paintings that awaken the senses.


5) …And All That

Runs for the entire festival

Stark Gallery

Free Event

London photographer Nick Whites compilation of photographs illustrate the Jazz scene during the ‘80s and ‘90s.


6) Lesley Chamberlain: Van Gogh in Kent

Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

21 October at 5:30pm

Tickets: £9.

Lesley Chamberlain gives a talk on the life of Van Gogh and his experiences in Kent. Beginning in Ramsgate in 1876, and with Van Gogh’s fascination with the beautiful seascapes, Chamberlain will explain how her favourite works by the artist were influenced by the vibrant county around us.

These are just a few of the amazing events going on this month, meaning that the Canterbury Festival is definitely not to be missed. Make sure you get tickets as soon as possible and enjoy all the entertainment right on your doorstep.

To get tickets for any of these events, call the Box Office on: 01227 787787.

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