What’s happened to Easter? A Christian perspective

Easter eggs

What’s happened to Easter? A Christian perspective

With Easter upon us, sales of Creme Eggs and yellow, fuzzy toy chicks are sky-rocketing. In light of this, a few inquisitive folk and I have noticed just how heavily … Continue Reading →


A Review of the Acclaimed Thirsty: Both Comedy and Drama

When I arrived at the Marlow theatre I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it was going to be about drinking, yet I couldn’t decide whether I was to expect a comedy or a drama. … Continue Reading →


Campus Trader: You’ve Read the Article, Now Learn How to Navigate the Site.

In the latest issue of InQuire, you would have read my article about Campus Trader, an online multi-university trading website founded in 2011by Rickin Patel, a final year student here … Continue Reading →


Album Review: ‘Exile’ by Hurts

Pop-duo Hurts – made up of vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and keyboardist/guitarist Adam Anderson – have come a long way in four years. In that time, they’ve gone from jobless … Continue Reading →


The Much Loved Richard Griffiths Passes Away, Aged Just 65

Aged just 65, well-known and much loved actor, Richard Griffiths, passed away yesterday of complications following heart surgery at the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire.
He … Continue Reading →

Geordie Shore cast

Do reality shows destroy our culture?

Vajazzles, ‘Tashing on’ and dull tones of Simon Cowell are some of the things reality TV has kindly given us,alongside an insight into the lives of people from some of the … Continue Reading →

U.S. President Barack Obama talks on stage at the Department of Interior in Washington

Obama visits Israel to show American support

The President of the United States visited Israel last week, forcefully reaffirming ties between the two nations despite recent tensions concerning the ongoing conflict with Palestine.
In … Continue Reading →

ketchup bottle

End of the nearly empty ketchup bottle in sight

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have proudly presented their latest achievement – a special coating applied to the inside of glass ketchup bottles that … Continue Reading →


Apprenticeships to be ‘New Norm’

Prime Minister David Cameron has said in a speech that apprenticeships should be the “new norm” for young people who don’t want to go to university.
Speaking at a Milton Keynes … Continue Reading →


A Review of High Society: 1956 Classic Revitalised

The classic 1956 MGM musical ‘High Society’ which originally starred Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Bing Crosby, has been revamped and revitalised for a new touring production … Continue Reading →

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