Win a fantastic gig on campus!

So you’ve just finished an exam, you’re tired, worried about how it went and in desperate need of some relaxation. Well, CSR might have just the remedy for those post-exam blues, … Continue Reading →

Winchester: Walk the Less Beaten but Beautiful Cultural Path

Known for its quaint yet startling architecture and sleepy atmosphere, Winchester is a small city in Hampshire packed with fascinating attractions, embedded deep in a rich historical … Continue Reading →

Is modesty really all that great?

Each year at UKC, Kent Union host an awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work which students and staff put in. This year, UKC Student Media has teamed up to create our own separate … Continue Reading →

Album Review: Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ debut album, Night Visions, has taken its time to come out in the UK. If given the opportunity, allocate some time to listen to a couple of tracks on Spotify … Continue Reading →

Depressed or ‘ just a bit unhappy’?

Mental illnesses are so common that it is hard to believe that people still have very backward views concerning them. According to the Mental Health Foundation, “One in four families … Continue Reading →

The Midlands: Not Culturally Illiterate, but Cultural Treasure

Sometimes at Kent you could be forgiven for thinking that just north of Watford the world becomes a terrifying wilderness inhabited by uncivilised barbarians, such is the vague and … Continue Reading →

The Book Project

Doing a reading of any piece you’ve written to an audience you’ve, for the most part, never met before, is something akin to standing naked in front of a panel of prospective employers; … Continue Reading →

Exhibitions Streamed to Cinemas- Cultural Loss or Gain?

Fast and Furious 6, The Great Gatsby, The Hangover Part III – all of these films will be hitting our cinema screens in the next couple of months, captivating popcorn-eating audiences, … Continue Reading →
snooker and pool club

Kent Snooker & Pool Storm BUCS

Last year, Kent was demoted to the lower division of BUCS in both pool and snooker. It was the lowest point in the club’s history. Enlightened under the banner of Team Kent, however, … Continue Reading →
Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing at the Marlowe Theatre

Eleanor Bergstein’s Dirty Dancing, originally starring the legendary Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, is still one of the best loved romantic films of all time. Most people … Continue Reading →

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