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A Guide to Doge: Much article. Very journalist. Wow.

Alec Pearce explains where the most popular meme of 2014 has come from and why we just can’t get enough. As an avid internet user and devoted disciple of the almighty Doge, I … Continue Reading →

Kent Men’s 1s Beaten In Varsity Finale

With UKC men’s 1s winning hardly any games this season, it’s fair to say the crowd weren’t exactly filled with hope for a great finish to a great varsity week. The women’s 1s … Continue Reading →

5 Alternative Places You Should Visit in Paris

  In the third instalment of her year abroad blog, Natalie Tipping writes about the five places she strongly recommends visiting in the French capital. Now that I’ve been living … Continue Reading →

Is FROW the way to go?

Website Culture Editor Natalie Turco-Williams looks at where the real power of fashion sits during fashion week. Amongst the suave, the swank and the sophisticated – there’s only … Continue Reading →

Women’s 1s Win Varsity Rugby

Kent’s Women’s 1s pulled off a fantastic result on the final day of Varsity competition by beating their rivals Canterbury Christchurch 11-7 at Canterbury Rugby Club, avenging the … Continue Reading →

Kent 1s Triumph Over CCCU At Varsity Cricket

In a tightly contested affair Kent’s 1st team beat CCCU’s 1st team. Kent did not start how they would have wanted losing their first wicket for 14 runs. This would not have been … Continue Reading →

Kent 2s Lose In Cricket Varsity

Kent men’s second team suffered an unfortunate defeat to Canterbury Christchurch’s 2nd team. Kent were in to bat first and notched twelve runs before the first wicket was taken. … Continue Reading →

CCCU Women Triumph In Cricket Varsity

After a shaky start Canterbury Christchurch put in a stellar performance to beat Kent. After an early loss after four runs Christchurch rallied to add another 52 runs without further … Continue Reading →

The Political Nature of Television: From Benefits Street to Revenge

Deema Mohammed questions if it is fair for television programmes to have hidden political messages. From Revenge to Benefits Street, there’s no doubt that television shows are more … Continue Reading →

CCCU Beat Kent’s Equestrian Team In Varsity Clash

Canterbury Christchurch secured a huge win in the Equestrian Varsity fixture over Kent to earn themselves a point that whilst on paper seemed a mere consolidation, was still a very … Continue Reading →

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