Kent’s Netball Side Suffer Defeat

In the first of a set of round-robin matches which included Cardiff, the Kent side looked to round-off their session with a successful play-off campaign. However their bid to stay in … Continue Reading →

Rap is the New Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Rap is the new rock ‘n’ roll. We the new rock stars, and I’m the biggest of all of them” – Kanye West has proclaimed. His interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe has … Continue Reading →

Kent Ballroom and Latin Dance Club Present Striktly Kent Dancing

Similar to the glamorous BBC Strictly Come Dancing or ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Striktly Kent Dancing sees four Kent celebrities from other societies on campus take up the challenge … Continue Reading →

Review of T24’s The Great Gatsby

Newspaper Culture Editor Rebekah Chilvers reviews T24’s production of The Great Gatsby, and finds out just how great Gatsby really was. T24’s stage production of F. Scott … Continue Reading →

Tolkien’s precious translation of Beowulf gets published

Julia Mitchell explains Tolkien’s translation of the famous poem, Beowulf. If you’re a fan of Middle Earth then there’s some exciting news ahead, as it’s recently been … Continue Reading →

Cinematography: The Overlooked Aspect of Film.

Francesca Brindle explains why cinematography is an aspect of film just as vital as big name actors. Every time my friend and I watch film or television we fan girl over shot types … Continue Reading →

David Cameron Cancels G8 Summit in Russia

Due to recent events concerning Crimea’s annexation to Russia, David Cameron has declared that the G8 Summit will not take place in Russia this year. Russia’s annexation of … Continue Reading →

Are Rich Owners Ruining English Football?

Ever since 2003 when Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC, the premier league has attracted owners from around the globe. All of them are rich beyond any comprehension and some have … Continue Reading →

Success of British Music Abroad

British music has been the subject of global success for many years now. If you think back to Beatles mania that spread around the world back in the 60s and they’re still as popular … Continue Reading →

Female Genital Mutilation: It Must End Now

Carla Mercer argues why we must not wait: female genital mutilation must be stopped now. ‘Female genital mutilation’ is self-evidently horrific. When one is educated as to the … Continue Reading →

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