So Fetch! Why Mean Girls is still loved after 10 years

With the 10th anniversary of the acclaimed and widely loved teen comedy Mean Girls edging closer, every fan will soon be polishing off their old copies of the DVD, brushing up on their … Continue Reading →

Review of The Invisible Woman

Of all the films reviewed for Inquire, The Invisible Woman is perhaps the most local in setting. It opens with a wide shot of Margate in 1883 (the town itself quite cut out), and walking … Continue Reading →
Josie Cunningham

What does Cunningham’s abortion say about our society

Layla Haidrani looks at why working class women so vilified in the press. On Sunday morning, I awoke to find Twitter awash with Josie Cunningham’s plans to abort her unborn baby … Continue Reading →

English Touring Opera’s The Magic Flute

Website Culture Editor, Natalie Turco-Williams, reviews the latest production to come to the Marlowe this season – Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Thunder, lightning and possibly … Continue Reading →

Some New Music: Lana Del Rey, Black Keys, Jamie xx, Rebecca Vaughan

Lana Del Rey – West Coast Lana Del Rey’s new track sounds like a 90’s grunge intro without the brain-mashing breakdown which normally occurs in the chorus. Instead it settles … Continue Reading →
IQinGraphics- EasterF

IQinGraphics: 10 Egg-citing Facts about Easter

Continue Reading →

InQuire Editor’s Playlist

InQuire’s outgoing editors each choose their favourite song. Continue Reading →

European Films- Too Artistic for Western Audiences

Henry Sandercock gives us an insight into the lesser known brand of film. Unless you have studied a European language, it is unlikely that you will ever have come across the delight … Continue Reading →

Marlowe 450: The Jew of Malta Review

Henry Broome reviews the last play in the Marlowe 450 series as we say goodbye to Fourth Monkey Productions and their amazing rejuvenations of some of Marlowe’s best works. Canterbury’s … Continue Reading →

University of Kent Resorts to Extreme Budget Cuts Under Financial Pressure

Students of Kent University prepare to get your hands dirty and get in you’re protesting positions. This morning, the University of Kent announced in their Financial Management Report … Continue Reading →

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