Review: Northern Ballet’s The Great Gatsby comes to the Marlowe

“A thrilling and mesmerising ballet production of Fitzgerald’s ageless classic The Great Gatsby.”   Emma Shelton, Newspaper Editor, reviews Northern Ballet’s … Continue Reading →

I am a Halloween Scrooge

  It’s Halloween! And we all love the spirit Halloween, right?! Well, actually, Banrika​ Gill doesn’t. I open my closet and try to sort through all of my articles … Continue Reading →

BUCS Week 3 – Your Exclusive Guide to the Results

Wednesday 29 October saw a moderately successful day for Team Kent with eight wins, six losses and two draws. There were staggering score lines for some of the matches. In particular, … Continue Reading →
horror featured bvsf

Book Vs Film: Which is scarier?

I think we can all agree Horror films are always better when the victims are flawed or morally ambiguous and often the best of these films are adapted from novels, where character … Continue Reading →
Photo: Marina Plummer

How to: The ultimate Halloween look using just your everyday make-up

For Halloween, using your own, everyday make-up is a great way to get creative and save loads of money that would otherwise have been spent on a costume you would feel obliged to wear … Continue Reading →

J.K. Rowling to release new short story on Pottermore

This Halloween, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling is releasing a new short story on her website Pottermore. The website enables fans of the series to revisit the wizarding world, pointing … Continue Reading →
The 'Sexy' Ebola Costume. Photo: Brands For Sale

Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume: Have Halloween costumes gone too far?

If, like me, you just did a double take at the contrasting words ‘Sexy’ and ‘Ebola’ together in the same sentence, fear not, because you are not alone! You heard it here first, … Continue Reading →
Photo: Folkestone Zombie Walk (Facebook)

The Folkestone Zombie Run is NOT Offensive.

A charity “Zombie Walk” through Folkestone, planned for the 1st November, has been criticised for being “offensive” and as a way to “mock and diminish human suffering” … Continue Reading →

Review: 8-Bit Studio Ghibli exhibition comes to The Gulbenkian

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese film and animation studio that are renowned for their whimsically beautiful anime films. ‘Spirited Away’, one of their most prominent productions, even … Continue Reading →

BUCS Week 3 – Fixtures

Wednesday 29 October will be one of Team Kent’s quieter days as the BUCS Cup and Plate competitions get under way. Whilst UKC is being represented in both competitions, most … Continue Reading →

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