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Beans on Toast: Folk music for the Peckish

Beans on Toast: Folk music for the Peckish

Beans on Toast at the Penny Theatre

Walking into the Penny Theatre as a blank slate, without having heard anything, was both a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, it robbed me of any opportunity to sing along to the cheerful jingly tunes that (Beans on Toast) was performing, but among the swaying happy, vocal audience…my voice wasn’t needed. However, after feeling like I was missing out on some pretty catchy tunes, I took to the internet and went on a Beans on Toast binge. After about an hour and half I realized exactly the content I had been missing out on; warm uplifting folk music, with Jay’s contemporary recital of modern day issues. The subject matter wasn’t always uplifting (though the music was) ,in fact, mostly it consisted of semi-serious subject matter (excluding , that’s just cute) which had been sung in such an accessible way, that it was hard not to agree with its messages.

Back to Canterbury, the comedic anti-folk vibe that Beans and his band sang, filled the Penny Theatre with glee, it was almost an infectious disease and there were no qualms about audience interaction, as Jay walked down from the stage and sat among the audience cross-legged. This gap bridged between the audience and performer epitomized the Beans on Toast feel of unity entrenched in many of the songs.

If you have an appetite for folk music, contemporary issues, , all set against lighthearted melodies: I’m not sure why you haven’t tucked into Beans on Toast yet. Check out Beans’s album The Grand Scheme of Things on their website and on –

honestly, it’ll make your day.

You can’t go wrong with the ol thumbs up.

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