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A look at: Sunday Cinema Club at Ballroom

It’s approaching the time of year when Canterbury’s high street becomes, once again, a sea of tourists and school children; understandably to the displeasure of many year-round inhabitants. Fortunately, our pocket-sized city has a reputation for its quirky hotspots of music and entertainment that have always seemed to maintain a level of exclusivity – something that we all love to indulge in from time to time, right? One of the latest editions to this little scene is the Sunday Cinema Club.

Every few weeks, The Ballroom on Orange Street transforms into a cinema far cooler than anything that any commercial cinema can offer. With tickets sold by the sofa (though individual tickets are also available) and theme-appropriate cocktails and snacks, it really is the perfect way to wind down at the end of a week.

January brought us the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski, Valentine’s Day brought us Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona and cult classic True Romance and March, in a toast to Leo’s long-awaited Oscar win, was none other than the glamour and extravagance of The Great Gatsby.

You can enter the venue an hour before the viewing begins, allowing plenty of time to get cosy on your sofa, have a drink or two, and get started on your complimentary pot of sweets and treats. There were two one-off cocktails available: the Beautiful Little Fool, which is a cocktail of elderflower liqueur, prosecco and spring water, served over candy floss and a 23ct gold leaf; and the Mint Julep, consisting of Maker’s Mark bourbon, sugar, Angostura bitters and fresh mint. Also available was hot chocolate with cream and toasted marshmallows, alongside the venue’s usual menu of beers, cocktails, and mixers. I personally opted for the Beautiful Little Fool, as the combination of alcohol and candy floss was something that was simply calling out to me, and it didn’t disappoint.

The combination of Ballroom and Gatsby was a match made in heaven, with the ambience and charm of the film fitting in perfectly with the venue’s plump sofas, low-hanging chandeliers and candle light and, although I had seen the film a few times previously, this viewing was a whole new experience that was executed with great precision. Those behind Sunday Cinema Club seem to have a very clear vision of what they want their project to grow and become and, regardless of whether or not you are a film fanatic, what they have created is something that can be loved and appreciated by all.
Be sure to ‘like’ their page on Facebook and keep an eye out for their next installation!

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