A Beginners Guide to Student Blogs

A Beginners Guide to Student Blogs


If you are looking for a break from reading your university texts, getting addicted to blogs may be the answer. Here is our guide to student blogs guaranteed to help you through student life.

When I first started university while I was thankful for the countless undergraduate handbooks warning against plagiarism and the like I cannot help but think that it would have been better to receive a student guide from a student. Blogs nicely fitted into this void of experience that greeted me as I entered my university halls.

Blogging is nothing new, there are countless bloggers worldwide who have managed to be successful enough to make a living from their musings, replacing a dreary office job with a swanky working-from-home life and a select few have become quite wealthy . The mass media has also taken onboard the success of these blogs with The Guardian dedicating a section of their website to blogging students, providing a starting point from bloggers who wish to take their skills further.

Understandably, many students find the word writing a word synonymous with essay-deadlines and note-taking. Contrastingly student blogs provide something different . From bargain-hunting blogs to lifestyle blogs it seems that students have covered every possible area of becoming a student. Here are some of my favourite student blogs:

1. studentlifeblog: this blog is more professional that blogs run solely by students, however that doesn’t mean it is dull and un-relatable. This blog manages to cover every part of student life from a guide to starting university from the perspective of a lecturer, to relationship advance to graduate jobs. It can be used as a go-to for virtually any student based query.

2. Essex University Diary: this blog is written by the founder of student-based website studential and like studentlifeblog can guide you seamlessly through university with experiences from first to final year.

3. Blogging Students, The Guardian: the Guardian has dedicated a section of its website for students to blog about the issues that they are faced with during university. While it raises some more political issues it showcases student writers and is still relatable to students. They cover a smorgasbord of topics which include international students, societies and the life a disabled student.


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