walking on sunshine

The cast of Walking On Sunshine. Photo from wegotthiscovered.com

It can sometimes be challenging when you’re trying to choose a film to watch with your friends, as emotions collide with genres and everybody seems to have an opinion. In such instances, when an accord cannot be reached, a viable alternative is to select a movie with no expectations. In other words: a bad movie. Netflix is rife with dramatically banal storylines, cheesy jukebox musicals, and deplorable CGI action sequences, all accentuated by lacklustre acting and pitiful writing. My flat mates and I have made it our prerogative to watch one such film every so often as a way to bond through mutual derision.

Our first victim was a 2014 film entitled Walking on Sunshine, which follows Gemma Arterton’s less-talented younger sister Hannah Arterton, as she navigates her life to the tune of a generic 80s soundtrack. Arterton plays Taylor, a woman who has just returned to Italy for her sister’s wedding, only to discover that her soon-to-be brother-in-law is her lover from a prior holiday. When confronted with one another, he must overcome his anger at her for leaving to go to university three years previously – because god forbid a woman chooses her education over a man – and choose which sister he loves more. I shan’t spoil the ending, but there are children’s programs with more complicated plot progression than this.

The film also starred Leona Lewis, a talented songstress who plays the best-friend-type-person and is also the movie’s token character of ethnic diversity. Her role consisted of admonishing the main character’s decision to further her horizons, and instead pushes her to settle down with a man and forsake all ambition. Her starring moment was one single diva note in “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” at the end. The music was the film’s saving grace, as it involved a bevy of classic 80s heavyweights, including Wham! and Cher. If you ever need a laugh, just watch the beginning of the first number and it will be enough. Trust me.

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