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Netflix’s Top 5 Most Inspirational Programmes and Films

While it is only February, 2018 already feels like a long-drawn-out, tasteless chewing gum and the grey, windy weather is definitely not helping. Neither is the midterm stress most of us are probably feeling at the moment, and since essays still do not write themselves, I am trying hard to resist the urge to curl up and watch Netflix for the whole day. However, we all deserve a break from time to time to get back into a creative work flow and to recharge our batteries. For that reason, I created a list of movies and shows on Netflix which all inspired me in one way or another (after all, we don’t want to feel like the time we spent in front of the screen is wasted, right?)

5. How to Get Away With Murder

If you have not binged How to Get Away With Murder yet, I would highly recommend doing so. This show is incredibly gripping: a group of law students commit a murder, which was more or less by accident (was it though?) and their seminar leader helps them to overcome this and any future difficulties, as the title already suggests. This show has a similar effect on me as Grey’s Anatomy had: I feel like a professional lawyer after binging it for several hours.

4. What the Health

This documentary is about the influence of animal products on our health and reveals some shady business in some pharmaceutical organisations. To be fair, the views and opinions in this documentary are a little intense and the purpose of putting it on the list is not intended to instigate any meat-eater vs. vegetarian/vegan fight. Although, I still enjoy my animal products of choice, What The Health inspired me in several ways to sometimes choose wiser, healthier options while deciding on what to cook or buy.

3. Hush

This is for all the horror movie fans among us. A deaf and mute girl is alone in her home in the woods (the cliché is strong in this one so far) when suddenly a murderer tries to, well… murder her. The inspirational part in this one is (spoiler alert!) that she, being very helpless, manages to defeat him in the end. If a deaf, mute and unarmed girl can defeat an armed murderer, we can survive deadlines, right?

2. Black Mirror

This show is on everyone’s lips at the moment and mentioning it in this list is for most people probably redundant. Nevertheless, I think we all can agree that the future this show promises is not one we imagined. The technology options we currently have are already crazy, but this show offers glimpses into technology which more than once blew my mind. The inspirational part in this one works in both ways: is this a technological goal to achieve or to avoid?

1. Joy

This biographical comedy-drama movie tells the story of Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire. In my opinion, the keyword self-made millionaire is already inspirational enough to keep on working, but her journey there was extremely difficult. This sounds cheesy, but this movie taught me to keep trying over and over again and that it’s probably worth in the end. It also taught me that one needs to only have one silly idea to become a millionaire…

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