Fizzy Blood: they’re the indie-alternative outfit that has risen from obscurity to become a staple in the British alternative scene. Their mixture of heavy rock instrumentation, light pop, and indie vocals, makes them a definite for everyone’s playlists, especially for the upcoming summer.

Fizzy Blood’s recent accession is astonishing. Forming out of previous pop-punk act, ‘Lower Lands’, the band released their first EP ‘Feast’ in 2015, and have since played with major bands like While She Sleeps. They have also released their latest EP ‘Summer of Luv’ to critical acclaim. Having been a fan of ‘Lower Lands’, finding out about the split up was tragic, but after discovering their revival as Fizzy Blood, and seeing them play at the Boileroom in Guildford my attitude has completely changed.

With a relatively small discography so far, Fizzy Blood do not have one set style. Their songs maintain different elements that give them their own individual character. For example, songs from their earlier EP, ‘I’m No Good’ for example, have some heavy instrumentation; the strong bass and intense vocals really give the song a ‘moshable’ nature, which may help them appeal to the heavier side of the alternative fan-base. However, some of their latest songs such as ‘Summer of Luv’ and even songs from the same EP as ‘I’m No Good’ such as ‘Slither’ and ‘Cue to Leave’ had stronger pop-vocals; The audience inevitably starts to sing and hum along. The chorus of one of their latest releases, ‘CFO’, gets embedded in your head for days on end. It’s really catchy.

Their ability to captivate the audience was evident at their Camden performance. From the very moment the band walked on stage, the audience quickly fled the bar as a herd, and formed a crowd towards the front. The anticipation for their performance suddenly transformed in movement and everyone began to dance. Unlike their warm up act Forever Cult, Fizzy Blood did not get off stage and interact with the audience during the performance, but their stage presence alone was enough entertainment. Fizzy Blood are quickly becoming one of the most prominent bands of the modern alternative scene. If you do not come across them now, you likely will sometime soon.