On August 9th, Rockstar released their most in-depth trailer for their new up-and-coming triple-A game, Red Dead Redemption 2. Beyond the gilts and glamour of the previous three cinematic trailers, this latest trailer focuses entirely upon gameplay. It features voice narration and offers the most detailed view of the games gameplay capability and mechanics to date.

We are offered a condensed explanation of the games basis and motives. It elaborates on the game setting, exploring its focus upon the American frontier at the turn of the 20th Century. It explores the core theme which surrounds the collapse of the ‘outlaw’ and the introduction of modern society. Playing as Arthur Morgan, an ‘outlaw’ and ‘Van der Linde’ gang member, the player will witness first-hand through in-game experiences of how their world ended.

The trailer focuses centrally upon the gameplay elements and rich environmental systems which the game will feature. The game’s world engine features climate and eco-systems which all act independently of the player. Animals rely upon systems of predator, prey and scavenger, allowing the world to unfold around the character and enable more organic experience. The gangs and towns also live in constant motion, with various player-interactions presenting themselves naturally throughout gameplay. The player’s actions will have consequences and impact within these worlds. The decisions they do and don’t make will have an effect on the world around them. Aid, destroy or idle in various situations could ultimately tip the balance of life and death in this vibrant, deadly and ever-evolving world.

Rockstar clearly shows their intent to create more than gameplay and story, focusing equally upon immersion and realism. The player is being placed in a living-breathing world, with many side-quests and radiant interactions that will develop either with or without their action. Rockstar wants to create an unchallenged sense of immersion, having the player explore not only the visually breath-taking world but also a realistic one. The NPCs will live normal lives and eco-systems will continuously thrive independent of the protagonist. They want to maintain both a sense of purpose, but also a realism that the world is affected, but does not revolve around the player.

Only time will tell if Rockstar’s product will live up to their incredibly high standards. Following the international success of their previous mega-titles such as 2013’s Grand Theft Auto 5 and 2010’s Red Dead Redemption, there is little doubt among fans that Red Dead Redemption 2 will fall short.