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InQuire Recommends: Game of Thrones

Photo: Game of Thrones

As the fifth season of Game of Thrones kicks off, Sarah Osborne explains why the fantasy series has earned worldwide acclaim and popularity

“I don’t know. It’s not my sort of thing.” This was the most common phrase used when it came to watching the first season of Game of Thrones (GoT), but now the HBO series is one of the most watched and loved series worldwide.

GoT is an American fantasy TV and book series, written by George R. R. Martin. Set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the series presents the violent fight amongst the realm’s noble families for possession of the Iron Throne.

Although many say the beginning is hard to get into, if you commit yourself, you’ll become addicted like me – and being addicted to GoT, really, really isn’t a bad thing. GoT will have you tense in your chair one minute, pop-corn held mid-air; it can have you standing up and screaming at the TV; it can have you crying behind your pillow; or it can have you fist pumping the air and singing in celebration.

The fifth season is now on air and so far is nothing short of amazing. The acting and plot twists are genius and unparalleled in other TV shows. Episodes are laden with both action-packed fighting scenes and steamy sex scenes (18+!). It is well known that GoT fans become attached and are loyal to their choice of noble character – so expect to be thrown in to a rollercoaster of emotion. One minute you’ll be watching two characters calmly talking, and the next, one of your favourite characters will have been killed off in the most unexpected and gruesome way possible.

But that’s okay, because GoT fans come to expect and even crave shockers like this. While normally I would hate it when television characters die, GoT has a large cast of differing characters, giving audiences a range of favourites to choose from. You may struggle to pick which character is the best. Daenerys? Tyrion? Jon Snow? Sometimes killing off one of them is doing us a favour; it just eliminates those confusing choices for us. Let’s just hope not all of them are killed off!

If you like supernatural beings, such as giants, witches or dragons, then this series is a must-watch. For those of you who aren’t so sure about supernatural beings, then still watch it because the supernatural is subtle, and not overdone! (Believe me, I have every argument covered – nobody will ever shatter my GoT loyalty!)

If you do however, embark upon the journey of GoT, then prepare yourself for tears, happiness, fear, anger, eroticism, and gore. Be prepared to think, live and talk about GoT almost every day of your waking life – it’s that good. But most of all – love characters at your own risk!

P.S. Team Targaryen till I die!

Watch the action Mondays at 9pm on Sky

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