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Your Alternative Christmas Playlist

I snapped up the opportunity to create a Christmas playlist for InQuire, but on one condition: No Christmas songs! Let us embark on a journey. Let us go where no one has gone before. Forget Buble or Wizard ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday?’ I wish Kent was a little higher in the University League tables. Get real. No, not this year, not this Christmas.

This playlist is going to change the game. Crimbo is a time to make memories: Grandad’s wise eye line, sibling rivalry getting the better of a round of charades, mulled wine, and red faces merry with laughter. So, do not let my poor attempts at writing the word ‘Christmas’ in different ways or a couple of unorthodox songs ruin this playlist. There are some great tracks on here, so enjoy.

  1. Bronski Beat – Small Town Boy

Christmas is a time for family, but also a time for magic and escapism. Cherish your loved ones this year.

2. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

Kick off your winter boots, put your feet up by the fire and watch (or more likely imagine) the snow fall outside.

3. Chet Baker – Almost Blue

Got a bit of heart ache this Xmas? So does Chet. Pour a whisky and confide in him, he will understand I am sure.

4. Dave Brubeck – Take five

All hearts heal, and if this song reminds me of anything it is that tomorrow is a new day. Dust your self down and leave the broken heart in 2017.

5. Link Wray – Rumble

All over the island at this time of year, young men and women are being united with their ‘friends from home’. The gang is back together.

6. The Doors – Hello, I Love You.

Just like how this song seems to stagger, you will hopefully be drunk in a pub at some point this Christmas… why not take a risk?

7. Salvia Palth- I Was All Over Her

Unfortunately my dear friend, risks don’t always work out.

8. Canned Heat – Going Up The Country

I used to think this band was called ‘Canned Meat’. A jolly record either way.

9. Paul Anka – Put Your Head On My Shoulder


10. Bobby Darrin – Dream Lover

There’s someone special out there for all of us. A bit cheesy? Maybe, but it is Christmas at the end of the day.

11. Ben E. King – Stand by me

You’ve found them! Jealous. Hope it works out…

12. MF DOOM – Doomsday

I am not sure that any image can beat that of Doom in a Christmas jumper, leaving a mince pie, a carrot and a splash of whisky out for Santa Clause. A difficult thing to muster, but perhaps the round sounds and memorising vocals of this track can get you there.

13. Oxmo Puccino – J’ai Mal Au Mic

They’ve got Christmas in France, you know…

14. Freddie Gibbs – The Ghetto

It is a time of year for remembering how lucky we are. This song’s earnest portrayal of the ghetto does just that. Elvis better watch out.

15. Andrew Ashong – Flowers

One of the best songs ever written.

16. Alice Ccoltrane – Turiya and Ramakrishna

Also one of the best songs ever written.

17. Lou reed – Walk on the Wild Side

Perfect for humming along to over a cup of tea and a bite of Stollen.

18. The Emerson Brothers- Baby

Two glasses of Baileys. One love seat. You do the maths.

19. Antonio Carlos Jobin – The Girl From Ipanema

There’s Christmas in South America, you know…

20. Bossa Italiana – Alessandro Alessandroni

Grab those air maracas, shake twice in front, once to the left and once to the right. Repeat.

21. Chet Baker – I fall in love too easily

Fallen in love this Christmas? So is Chet. Pour a whisky and confide in him, he will understand.

22. John Coltrane – In a Sentimental Mood

This one speaks for itself

23. Human League – Together in Electric Dreams.

Easy cheesy lemon squeezy. This ones a sing-a-long.

24. Blondie – Heart of Glass

Everyone’s got that one cool Aunty who comes round for Christmas; if yours hasn’t been impressed by the songs so far (unlikely, I know) then this one should do it. If not, pour her another eggnog.

25. Gregory Porter – Hey Laura

If you don’t know who Gregory Porter is, he is the soul singer with the hat. If you do not know who the soul singer with the hat is, today is your lucky day.


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