The Wombats have released their fourth album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, and let me tell you, it’s easy listening. Previous Wombats songs have left you screaming along ‘this is no, Bridget Jones’, jumping in time with the beat. Yet their new album takes it slower, the lyrics bypassed by the instruments that one would sway along to. Although I do prefer the former, it’s intriguing to see a band switch up their sound.

They still have the same quirky lyrics about lemons, ice cream and honey, a clear theme of food and emotion comparisons emerging. The album reminds me of summer, speaker blasting while you stretch your feet along a picnic blanket at a barbecue. If this album is one thing, it’s most likely your new summer soundtrack.

One thing I couldn’t imagine is the wombats performing this album at a gig. As the majority of their previous songs are quite festival-appropriate and rocky, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life won’t prompt the same mosh pits that I experienced when listening to their Glitterbug tour at Reading Festival 2015.

One criticism of the album would be that the majority of the songs sound rather similar; a lack of distinction between the different tracks. A lot of the old Wombats tunes would comment on society, such as ‘Kill the Director’ or edgy love songs such as ‘Emoticons’. However, the songs on this album don’t belong to a particular category, making it hard to define them. The previous albums have been much more memorable.

Regardless, there are still some classic bangers. Favourites are ‘Cheetah Tongue’, ‘I Only Wear Black’ and ‘Lemon to a Knife Fight’.