On 9 March, Netflix released a hilarious original series that instantly topped all its other comedies. Inspired by the internet trend of cake fails, ‘Nailed It!’ takes three inexperienced bakers and makes them recreate elaborate confectionery masterpieces. Over two rounds, one of the contestants will win the grand prize of $10,000. The creators of the show describe it as “part reality contest, part hot mess”. If you’re ever in the mood for some hysterical, stress-relieving laughter, I guarantee this show will not disappoint.

The show’s centrepiece is its host Nicole Byer, who is genuinely the funniest person on earth. Despite frequently bellowing at the contestants, she doesn’t give off the Gordon Ramsey vibe. At the start of the second round, the winner of the first round is given a sleek, stylish, golden glittery baker’s hat, and the loser receives the much more useful Nicole Nags button – which, once pressed, Nicole unleashes her nuisance powers and spends 3 minutes annoying the other two contestants to distract them from their tasks. Other bonuses in the show include ‘the panic button’, which allows one of the specialist judges to give the contestant advice for three minutes – as if that would save a cake made without flour; ‘the freeze button’, which forces opponents to stop “baking” for three minutes; and the ‘pardon my french button’, which can only be pressed when an opponent is using the panic button, and forces chef chocolatier Jacques Torres to only give advice in French.

Although the gimmicks are repetitive, each episode is made unique by the contestants. The prerequisites are an utter incompetence in the kitchen, and the trademark American overconfidence that prevents them from looking at the step-by-step recipe they are given. In the character introductions, we learn about the contestants’ individual relationships with baking, and hear the family and friends warn us not to eat anything these bakers make. Kyle, for example, wants to learn how to bake to “impress the ladies”, while Toni dreams about owning a great bakery, but her nightmare is the actual baking.

If you want to learn snazzy baking tips to improve your own skills, this is not the show for you. Go back to watching ‘Bake Off’. But if you are looking for something bizarre and unexpected, a refreshing reality show that celebrates human failure, then definitely give ‘Nailed It!’ a watch.