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New Year, New Binge

All this talk of new year’s resolutions is making me feel bad about myself. Don’t try to better yourself for other people; open Netflix, switch on your TV, and simply binge your troubles away. The world of TV has wonderful new treats to offer, and here are some of the tastiest:

The Crown

Released on Netflix in November of 2017, the second season of ‘The Crown’ just keeps getting better and better. I spent the holiday season loving every minute of it. The historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth ll is filled with love, lust, drama, and scandal. It is both entertaining and historically educational. Season three is set to come out towards the end of 2018, with an older cast to replace Claire Foy and Matt Smith as their story goes on.


Riverdale is a small town haunted by the murder of a young man. As the plot unfurls, dark and dirty secrets are revealed. The cast is made up of good looking students, and dodgy parents. It is a coming of age series filled with firsts, regrets, love, and experimentation. Season two is out on Netflix now.

Black Mirror

This is a dystopian science-fiction series that looks into the terrifying future of humanity. Its premise is to predict the future effects of technology on life as we know it. Each episode has a different story with different characters. It’s a mind-altering and complex series, that has brought eye-opening questions, that people must try to answer.

Blue Planet

‘Blue Planet’ is the BBC nature documentary series on marine life, narrated by the wonderful Sir David Attenborough. It is an incredible picturesque series, which has managed to capture life under the sea beautifully. It allows people to escape to parts of the world we never knew existed. We are introduced to amazing species of animals that are crucial to our planet’s survival. It is a humbling, colourful series that is truly a must see.

End of the F***ing World

This quirky coming of age story deals with mental health, growing up, and sexual harassment. James is a self-diagnosed psychopath, and Alyssa is moody and charismatic. The two 17-year-olds embark on a crazy road trip to find Alyssa’s father, and instead find themselves in unimaginable danger and adventure.

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