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Review: The Killers Live

The phenomenal success of The Killers began in the 2000’s when they released their first album Hot Fuss. Safe to say, it was a killer. Now, over fifteen years later, they’ve had five UK number one albums, four UK top tens and have had over 800 live shows. They’ve come a long way. But, regardless of this, can they rule a live show?

The support act was over in a flash. There had been too long a break. The lights were finally coming down and the audience were buzzing was anticipation for the main act. They all came on stage together, Brandon Flowers voice soaring through the crowd as they opened with ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’, emphasising the tours name. It was engaging, and interesting to hear the band take on a new approach to music. Although, it was until they began to play their classics like ‘When You Were Young’ and ‘Human’ that the audience began to sway, dance and even sing along. It got to the middle when the set dipped a little as The Killers played lesser known songs, and Brandon Flowers lacking the ability that he usually has when talking to the audience. It felt almost as though we were watching this band’s experience on television, rather then the band sharing their experience with us.

But, as soon as the intro to ‘All These Things That I Have Done’ was played on the drums, the mood shifted. The crowd clapped, getting up on their feet to yell ‘we love you’ at these people they had never met but were sharing a connection with. There was a confetti explosion, streamers filling the air and smoke machines whizzing away as Flowers got everyone in the room to repeat the words ‘I got soul but I’m not a solider’. It was easy, everyone already knew it.

However, after the gig, I found out that only Brandon and Dave from the band had played; the two other members off on leave. It was odd, I felt cheated. I felt like I’d opened a bag of crisps and had found half of the packet filled with air. I wanted the full bag, not just a couple of crumbs. Having the members absent dimmed the chemistry a little.

I thoroughly enjoyed the gig, but having previously seen The Killers play at Wembley in the standing section the buzz just was not as strong. It was enjoyable and a good time to chill, but their new album lacks the same enthusiasm that their others contained. However, all in all, was the night a success for The Killers? The standing ovation from the audience at the end of the set answers that question.

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