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She’s back! Review of Adele’s ‘Hello’

Oh hey Adele! from


Adele is back and doing what she does best, belting out a love ballad and creating a storm in the charts. Holly Chapman reviews her latest hit…

The single Hello’ was just released last Friday and is already set to be a record breaking hit. The music video released on the 23rd of October racked up over 27 million views in just 24 hours, surpassing the previous record holder, Taylor Swift, for the most views in 24 hours (Swift’s Bad Blood received 20.1 million views the day it went viral). Adele has not just broken Swift’s record but, also Miley Cyrus’. With Cyrus gaining over 100 million views in six days for ‘Wrecking Ball’…Hello’ has exceeded that milestone in just five days.

Following the success of her second album, 21, it seems the whole world has been holding their breath for an Adele comeback. After hearing her new single from her third studio album 25, it looks like Adele has far from disappointed the crowd. It appears the album is on track for a record performance, as industry sales projections show that 25 is looking to make a sales range of 1.3 million to 1.8 million in the first week of the album’s release.

As for the accompanying music video, it already has tugged at everyone’s heartstrings. The video directed by Xavier Dolan has taken on a theatrical approach. As Adele wonders through a small house reminiscing on her past relationship with American actor, Tristan Wilds, playing her past love interest. The original enticing music video compliments this stunning, intense heartfelt power ballad. However unlike 21 Adele has commented herself, ‘my last record was a break up record and if I was to label this one I would call it a make up one.’ Cementing the idea that this track is about making up and moving on. So, we shall hold-tight as Adele prepares us for the inevitable with her new album.

From the internet frenzy to the countless re-watching of Dolan’s innovative video, Adele has reaffirmed her status as the Queen of British music. Welcome Back Adele!

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