Connie Enzler



Connie is InQuire’s Newspaper Entertainment Editor, with a passion for music and a drive to over-analyse TV shows and movies in her reviews.

Congratulations, you’ve made it through half of first term. Now that you’ve just barely submitted your assignment before the deadline, it’s time to dive back into more work… But first, why not switch-off your brain for two, or six, hours and take a well-deserved TV break? Obviously, if you still haven’t caught up with the second season of ‘Stranger Things’, that should be your number one priority, but if you have, then here are a few suggestions for you. So before the next deadlines sneak up on you, have a cheeky binge with one of these addictive shows! I won’t tell if you don’t.

‘Big Mouth’ (2017)

If you’re one of those people that isn’t disturbed by controversial and politically incorrect humour, but secretly revels in seeing what most people daren’t even think, then add ‘Big Mouth’ to your binge list. Styled similarly to ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and ‘Rick and Morty’, the adult cartoon explores an awkward, embarrassing, and confusing phase we’ve all been through: puberty. Following middle-school teens in their daily lives, we are exposed to a consistently honest and hilarious portrayal of everything from sexual urge of both male and female teens, to serious issues like bullying and low self-esteem. Trust me, it’s worth it even just to see a pre-teen boy having a heated conversation with a real-life Hormone Monster.

‘Girlboss’ (2017)

In this hilarious lose retelling of true events, Britt Robertson plays a sassy, free-spirited, young woman who finds her life ambition selling vintage clothes on eBay under the username ‘Nasty Gal’. As Sophia struggles to be taken seriously, the show empowers female individuality and professional accomplishment while challenging the confining expectations of adulthood. Also featuring RuPaul, Ellie Reed, and Alphonso McAuley, the show is unfailingly hilarious, effortlessly brilliant and as a result: highly addictive. Disclaimer: InQuire is in no way responsible for the hours you are about to waste destroying your emotional stability in front of a screen instead of studying for your degree.

‘The OA’ (2017)

The mind-bending science fiction starts when a woman who had disappeared from her home as a child returns with miraculously restored sight, and mysterious new abilities. Every episode of the season is stranger than the previous one, as an abstract network of supernatural forces emerges, leaving you boiling with more questions, and unable to stop watching.