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Mark Watson – Gulbenkian Theatre, July 25th

Official press statement stuff: “Mark Watson will be presenting a one hour preview of his forthcoming Edinburgh show, All the thoughts I’ve had since I was born, in the Gulbenkian Café Bar. ” read more



Band of Horses – Shepherd’s Bush, July 9th

I was pretty surprised when I heard that Band of Horses had sold out on the 9th of July, I wasn’t aware that they were really considered that big, but they did, and it was pretty easy to see why while watching them. read more



Zoo8: Our thoughts on the ‘Shambles’

Last weekend George Berry and I had a rather surreal experience, we attended Zoo8 festival, which for those that don’t know is a music festival, with a few other things throw in, like animals, and segway racers. Expect that they didn’t actually throw them in, and, many of the acts cancelled. All of which prompted fury from festival goers and also secured the festival a great deal of negative press, which can be divulged using the following codes: and read more

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