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Top Ten Ways to Save Money this January

Anyone else feeling brassic this January? Our writer gives you some tips on dealing with the post-Christmas money shortage… read more



Review of a Year Abroad in … Poitiers, France

It was just over 4 months ago that I stepped off a plane and into my new world in France. Without my parents, my friends or, frankly, any grasp of the French language this was, to say the least, a terrifying ordeal. However, despite my shaky start I can honestly say these months in France have been some of the best I’ve ever had and hopefully the next four will continue to be just as amazing! read more

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Student Makers Market

The Iron Bar Lane Market took on a strong creative edge in December as students from three universities in Canterbury descended upon it with their home-made creations for the first Student Makers Market fair, which ended up being a great success. read more

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Top Ten … Ways to Stay Sane over the Christmas Holidays

One student shares with us her tips for surviving living at home during the Christmas holidays… read more



Book Review: The Snake and the Condor

Political novels, while always political, tend not to live up very well to the other half of their name; fiction is just the frilly part to go with all the arguments and facts brought together from the author’s research, and characters are just mouthpieces for ideas and hot topics. There are exceptions. The Snake and the Condor, Robert Southam’s second effort after his debut Aisha’s Jihad, is, however, not one of them. read more


Everyone Loves an Apocalypse

The Mayans were right. The end of the world is happening on the 21st December and we must all be prepared. For the best coverage, go to channel 870 for round-the-clock apocalypse broadcasts coming straight from the bits that blow up first. Tinned goods and clean underwear are essential. But wait… wasn’t this all meant to happen already? read more


In the Footsteps of a Hero

We all have aspirations as a child, which, with age, we come to realize will remain firmly entrenched in a dream for the rest of our lives. However, there are those lucky few who go on to experience the fulfilment of such a dream, one of whom is my very own brother. On the 10th of December Henry Evans set out on the journey of a lifetime, as a member of a two man International Scott Centenary Expedition (ISCE) to reach the South Pole. read more

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