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6 Things I Miss Most as a University Student

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Having independence at university can be great, but you realise that there are many things you took for granted and wish you still had. Maisie Golding lists the six things that she misses most when she’s away from home.

Although I am fully settled into life here at The University of Kent – and am actually feeling sad about leaving for the summer break – there are things I definitely miss from home when I am here.

1. My Family

I would not describe myself as a homesick person any more. As a Fresher I was awful and could not wait to be back home for the holidays, but over the course of this year – my second year – I have become more settled into university life. However, my family are still the main thing I miss about home. Seeing my parents every day, watching members of my family grow up, celebrating birthdays and having family get-togethers… there are things I hate missing out on.

2. Friends

The people I have met at UKC have become my family away from home; they’re friends you know you have made for life. But, when you come to university, you also leave close friends behind. These are the friends you grew up with; you made up dance routines in the living room with them, learnt how to braid hair together, went on school trips, and have loads of great stories with them. You miss hanging out with them, but when you do meet up the time you spend together is even better. Sometimes, I really wish my friends in Canterbury and those at home could be all in one place.

3. My Pets

For years I bugged my parents to get pets and, of course, they eventually caved. My dog, Smudge, literally became one of my best friends; as cheesy as it sounds, we grew up together. Not having my dog to make a fuss of me when I walk through the door is something I miss terribly. Lil, my cat, is also adorable when she wants to be. I do miss her curling up on my lap while I unwind in front of the TV.

4. Food Just Appearing in Cupboards

It’s nice not to worry about groceries and keeping yourself fed when you’re at home. Food magically fills the cupboards and gets cooked. I’m not a student that hates to cook but it is lovely to have it done for you. Having said that, I do miss cooking a family meal for my parents too; it’s great to all sit around the table as a family.

5. Nan’s Roast Dinner

Having food cooked for you is lovely but there is nothing in my mind that beats my Nan’s roast dinner. It is legendary. I have tried many times to cook a roast with my friends at university but I can never get to her standard of Sunday roasts.

6. My Bath and Double Bed

There’s nothing I like better than a bubble bath at the end of the day and then falling asleep in a starfish shape on my double bed! It’s one of those things you take for granted and then when it’s gone you realise how much of a luxury it was. When I’m home I always look forward to my bath and bed…

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