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A Weekend in: Dublin

Robyn Grant

Robyn is a writer for InQuire. She is in her second year at Kent and studies History. She enjoys reading and writing about culture and lifestyle.

It’s come to that time of the year when everyone is looking to plan their next holiday. Christmas is over, the new year has begun, and we’ve all survived that long haul through January which means 2018 can finally get under way. When looking for your next getaway destination I’m sure you’ll be considering somewhere warm, somewhere to escape this cold, miserable, weather which seems to dampen the lives of us British folk. However, as students, our slim wallets can only take us so far to experience this change in culture we’re all longing for.

A great place which is relatively cost effective and can quench your thirst for change is Dublin. Although it might not satisfy your need for vitamin D, it will definitely offer you a city full of culture, personality and spirit like no other. Being the capital of Ireland, it’s a city full of energy, but that doesn’t take away from the natural elegance of this historical place. My memory of the city resides mainly in the cobbled streets: I was always curious to see what was around the next corner, and pleasantly surprised when I came across the river Liffey, the river that runs through the centre of Dublin, bridge after bridge crosses it, each with it’s own historical significance.

However, when you think of Dublin its historical connotations are not what may first cross your mind. I, like most people, think of Guinness. In fact, Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction is the Guinness factory; a brewery which can answer all of your Guinness related questions in a short tour. When you reach the top of the building you are welcomed with a pint and a 360 degree view of the city from above. When in Dublin it’s a must do experience.

After a day exploring Dublin castle, Kilmainham Gaol or even the General Post Office, which is a landmark for Irish nationalism, you could settle down for an evening of what students do best; drinking. What better way to explore Dublin than following in the footsteps of a real Irish man by going on a musical or literary pub crawl. The city truly is like no other; it’s rich in culture, vibrant and will leave you feeling merrier than when you arrived, and not just because of the Guinness.

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