It’s that time of year again, when students are choosing who to live with next year. Unfortunately, no matter how much you like your friends, a lot of the time, moving in together is the beginning of a love-hate relationship, which has a varying ratio day to day. From live-in boyfriends to being allergic to cleaning, every housemate has their flaw. Hopefully they won’t have many, but you can never really tell what it will be until you move in together. After a variety of students gave their opinions on the worst housemate traits, here, in no particular order, is a list of the top ten:

1. Not understanding hygiene.

No matter how many times you ask them, this housemate will never clean anything, ever. Sadly, they don’t seem to understand that preventing the house looking like a pig-sty is a joint effort. They are probably never going to clean the bathroom during the time that you live with them.

2. Not clearing the drain.

Normally a trait of the housemate who doesn’t understand hygiene, this housemate will never take their hair out of the drain after showering, leaving the next person to shower the disgusting job of removing someone else’s hair out plug hole. Gross.

3. Being a Neat Freak.

Polar opposite of the messy housemate, this housemate will have a complete intolerance of any dirty dishes, and will tell you so, repeatedly. They will also probably expect you to spend four hours cleaning the kitchen even if you have an essay due the next day which is nowhere near completed.

4. Being a noisy drunk.

It’s 3am. It’s a Tuesday. Please stop singing.

5. Having a live-in boyfriend/girlfriend.

When you chose to live with this friend, you thought you were just going to be living with them. You were wrong. Their boyfriend is moving in as well, and no, he’s not paying bills despite taking hour long showers.

6. Stealing your food.

Having decided not to do joint food shops, this housemate still thinks they have full rights to your food supply. When it’s a slice of bread, it doesn’t matter. When it’s half of your Smirnoff, it really, really does.

7. Stealing your stuff.

There’s borrowing, then there’s stealing. When all of your plates have gone missing and you’re having to eat out of Tupperware, that’s too far. Same goes for when you only have one top left because they’re all in your housemate’s wardrobe.

8. Watching TV REALLY loudly.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to do your work whilst your room is shaking from the sound of the television.

9. Playing music REALLY loudly.

Same problem as the TV, except this housemate probably has a terrible taste in music.

10. Not caring about bills.

There’s nothing wrong with having the heating on so people don’t freeze, but there’s a line. Especially when your housemate in a t-shirt and shorts wants the heating up at 100 degrees 24/7.