The Attenborough-esque Report: Templeman Library

The Attenborough-esque Report: Templeman Library

Photo by: Wiki Commons

Photo by: Wiki Commons

As deadlines loom closer and the sun sets over Canterbury, students leave their natural habitats of pubs and bedrooms to congregate at the jungle that is the Templeman Library. But as the hours go on, they start to deviate from their normal behaviour and spiral towards their innate animal origins of sleeping and going stir crazy from the cage that is the silent zone.

Much like the arc, the animals often go in two by two, eagerly seeking out the best ground, however there are often some who brave the wild alone, striding in with confidence and bundles of energy. Those going in appear bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, well rested from their nocturnal habits. But passing by them are those leaving the library after a long day in silence, recoiling in horror at the disappearing sunlight and sudden inhalation of fresh air.

Outside the library cafe, a sleepy lion marks his territory on the sofas, spreading both himself and his work out. If challenged by another alpha male, an intense battle of wills may follow, through a passive movement of books paired with glares aimed at each other and the occasional roar of a sigh. Towards the top of the library, the pecking order becomes more apparent with those of a higher year making their camp with books and bags spilling over booths for them to nap in.

As the night drags on, a crazed, sleep deprived look appears in people’s eyes, appearing to morph into their primate predecessors, attempting to distract themselves from the work which dragged them there, ranging from balancing objects on sleeping friends, or doing anything to get themselves on the Facebook Spotted page.

Venturing towards the core section, the fight for survival begins. Peeking from behind shelves, meerkats dart towards their destination, hoping to be the first to reach their target, using the cover of darkness to their advantage in an attempt to capture their prey.

So when journeying into the wild, on a late night book hunting trip, make sure you take a partner to defend yourself against these frightening animals, or ensure you get lots of sleep to avoid becoming one of them.​


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