The Second Life of the Easter Egg

The Second Life of the Easter Egg

Photo by: lupe02

Photo by: lupe02

Easter is now well and truly behind us (although the University might have missed that memo – seriously who has Easter break after Easter?!) The big question now is what to do with all that leftover chocolate.

1) Fondue – This might be the easiest thing to do with all you leftover Easter eggs. Bung it all in a microwaveable bowl, or if you are feeling fancy, you can put the chocolate in a bowl above a pan of boiling water. Melt the chocolate and create the ultimate night in – Fondue Night. Buy some marshmallows, strawberries, grapes or whatever floats your boat. For the ultimate fondue, collect all of your housemates’ chocolate to melt together, this ensures ultimate chocolate consumption.

2) Face mask – Create the perfect pamper night by creating your own facemasks out of leftover chocolate. Chocolate (particularly dark chocolate) is great for you and can help to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. However before starting this, make sure your chocolate is a good quality (most people recommend 70% cocoa or more) this is important, as you do not want to put something bad on your face. You can find recipes for the perfect face mask online. Pair this step with the fondue for a great night in.

3) Bake it – The possibilities surrounding chocolate are endless, from brownies to cookies, cake to muffins, there is no end to what can be made with leftover Easter chocolate. One of the easiest things to make as students is a mug cake. It involves minimum preparation and washing up and it can be cooked in the microwave in no time. Another bonus with transforming your chocolate into baked goods is the popularity points you will gain by doing so. Everyone loves a baker, so get your Mary Berry on and get baking.

4) Get creative – If you’re looking for a way to procrastinate or relieve some tension, this could be the solution for you. Do some arts and craft with your chocolate. Melt the chocolate down and get some paper at the ready. Finger painting anyone? Delicious and fun. You could be the next Picasso.

5) Keep it traditional – While there are many things you can do with chocolate, sometimes the traditional way is the best way! There is something special about eating chocolate in an egg shape; it makes the whole experience better somehow. To prolong the holiday feeling, keep your egg in its natural form and eat it the way chocolate manufacturers intended it to be eaten.


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